Foldable Portable Lazy Mobile Phone Holder

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1.It is very portable.It is affixed to the back of the mobile phone and can be used at any time,When you hold the phone in your daily life,it can be used as a ring,so the screen is not afraid to fall out;
2.Open the stand from the back when using,the triangle structure allows the phone to stand on the table steadily
3.With a thickness of only 4.7 mm and a weight of 46 grams,it can be seamlessly integrated with the mobile phone after being pasted
4.Supports two angles of 60 degrees vertical and 40 degrees horizontal,60 degrees vertical is the best operating angle,and most of the operations that need to be held by the hand can be completed
5.The pasted part is made of high-quality removable glue,which can be used 500 times repeatedly,leaving no residual glue after pasting
6.It is also intimate with a built-in magnetic sheet,which can be adsorbed on a car bracket with a magnet or other magnetic accessories
7.Most mobile phones on the market are compatible.As long as it is larger than a 4.7 inch screen,the iPhone can be used.You can even use it on Switch
8.As long as the surface is flat and smooth,it can stick well,whether you want to stick it on the back of the phone or the phone case
9.Clean the back with clear water
10.Paste invisible,open and close in one second
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