FT0134 Powerful Batch Head Magnetic Ring Screwdriver Head Magnetizer 2pcs

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Main Features:
● Keeping the magnetization time longer, the powerful industrial C8 magnets keep the drill's magnetism more than ordinary magnetizers.
● The ABS outer casing is resistant to falling and is not easy to wear.
● Easy to use, simple design, magnetize and demagnetize all drill bits on the move.
● The 3-in-1 function can be used not only as a magnetizing and demagnetizer, but also as a screwdriver holder, keeping the fasteners straight at all times.
● Versatile and highly compatible - use a magnetic drill holder on a Hex/Allen key and all screwdrivers. Also suitable for any household drilling rig and drill bit.
● Material: ABS + magnet
● Suitable for batch nozzles below 6.35mm
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