Smart Flora Monitor Digital Plants Grass Flower Care Soil Water Tester ( Ecosystem Product )

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Main Features:
Accurate reading of light temperature
Master the environment of flowers
The detector adopts the reading scheme of professional photometric equipment to accurately feedback the light intensity, and the actual light intensity of the plants is clear at a glance. The built-in temperature sensing element also adopts the reading scheme. The actual readings are compared with the preset demand values of different plants, and you can easily judge where the flowers are more suitable at the moment.

Humidity probe
Quick feedback of soil water content
Insert the black probe part of the monitor into the flower pot, and the humidity probe will convey the moisture in the soil as a percentage to you through the mobile phone screen. Comparing the needs of different plants can accurately know whether the plants should be watered at present.

EC probe
Track soil nutrients accurately
There are four EC probes at the bottom of the monitor to detect the effective nutrient content in the soil and convert it into an exact value to display on the mobile phone. The plant database provides the required fertility value interval for each plant, and fertilization only needs to refer to the value. We chose a more corrosion-resistant stainless steel material to make the EC probe, which improves the reliability of the monitor for long-term use in the soil, and is compatible with the fertility monitoring of hydroponic plants.

Write all the feelings of looking forward to growing up and flowering in your growth diary
Through mobile phone applications and cloud services, we can not only obtain daily growth reports of plants, but also record the photos taken of plants every day in the cloud, keeping their most beautiful moments forever

Provide conservation solutions for 900 species of plants
The attributes and professional maintenance parameters and methods of more than 900 common household ornamental plants are connected to our mobile phone through the cloud, and will be matched to our selected plant varieties in time. More importantly, it is the first plant database that is open to the general public without any professional threshold

3000 kinds of plants can be identified by mobile phone
Not only does it help us grow flowers, the plant database can also help recognize flowers. The information of more than 3000 common plants in nature included in the database can be retrieved by a very simple and friendly method. While playing outdoors is close to nature, you can easily master new knowledge.

Cloud storage of data, easy to operate
Use Xiaomi Smart Home APP or HHCC APP to manage the monitor. It not only learns the growth parameters of plants in real time, but also records growth data changes for each potted plant in the cloud, and forms a daily report. The fresh and lovely operation interface can feedback environmental changes, it is simple to use and easy to use.

Accompany your plants for 365 days, only a button battery
The monitor integrates many monitoring, analysis and signal modules in its compact appearance, but it is a power-saving master. An ordinary CR2032 button battery is enough to last for one year. In addition, the waterproof design around the battery compartment can reach IPX5 waterproof level, allowing your plants to be monitored more reliably.

Bluetooth Version: 4.1
Power Source: 3V
Battery Model: CR2032 (built-in)

● Light green, black, two color options
● Light green color can use APP ( Flower Care ), multi-language packaging
● Black color No APP available, indicator light judgment
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