Alfawise C50 Mini Wireless Smart Laser Engraver Cutter APP Operation Freely DIY Various Materials Engraving Machine 98 x 88mm Engraving Area

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Small Body, Not Limited to The Place
The small size can be easily placed on the desktop, and the bracket can be disassembled and assembled, and the bracket can be used as goggles, saving transportation space. Fashionable patent appearance and software copyright up to 8 items. Power bank and DC power supply, allowing you to engrave anytime and anywhere.

Precision Laser Module, Continuous Work for 10,000 Hours
1600mw German OSRAM original laser chip combined with efficient heat dissipation and precision glass lens, manual focus is required, and the focus can be set. The power output of the laser head is stable and work continuously for over 10,000 hours, and the engraving depth reaches 2mm. The precise XY module makes the engraved patterns better and not easy to fade. The laser head can be replaced.

Clearly Engraving Small Details
The engraving resolution of 508dpi ensures that the engraved image is sufficiently delicate and clear. 508dpi pictures can be engraved in 1:1 size, pictures with other resolutions will be automatically converted to 508dpi, but the picture size will change. The effective engraving range of the laser is 30mm-80mm from the laser. Taller objects can be cushioned by 4 flat objects of the same height under the 4 foot pads.

High-precision Screw and Motor Module Improve Accuracy
The screw and motor are equipped with high precision and good reliability, which can maintain the stability of the machine during engraving and make the engraving effect better.

Various Engraving & Cutting Materials, Let You Freely DIY
Engraving: wood, ceramic, paperboard, cardboard, bamboo, leather, fruit peel, fruit core, rubber, plastic, metal surface coating
Cutting: veneer, cardboard, paper card, non-woven fabric, EVA, etc.

APP Operation, Realize Your Multiple Creative Needs
The mobile phone APP (Mini laser engraving machine) is rich in functions and continuously updated. It has the functions of multi-layer editing, text editing, eraser, free gesture zoom and precise setting of size and coordinates. The APP contains firmware upgrades, and users can use the APP to upgrade the product and update the material library during the iteration of the function. With the storage function, you can save the images to the phone album.

Security Protection for Worry-free Use
The engraving machine adds a gyroscope, which can actively stop engraving in the event of any abnormal movement such as shaking, falling, collision, tilt, etc. After restoring the position, you can click the APP to continue engraving. Make it worry-free use at home.
Bracket Eye Guard
The bracket of laser engraver can be used as eye guard to protect eyes.
Equipped with goggles to protect eyes.

Complete Installation in 10 Seconds
Intimate Accessories
Aluminum base can prevent the bottom of the printing table from burning, avoid desktop printing fire/other substrate being burned; Flannelette is used to paste cut items onto items/clothing.

Engraving Depth: 2mm
Laser Head Lifespan: 10,000 hours
Engraving mode: bitmap engraving, bitmap gradation engraving, contour cutting, black and white image, grey-scale map, reverse, seal
Image format: JPG, BMP (24bit), TIFF, PNG (below 32bit), PCX (8bit and 24bit), PCD
Operating system: Windows, Android, iOS (computer software can be compatible with mac OS)
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