Anet ET4 New Version Touch Control Quick Assembly 220 x 220 x 250mm FDM 3D Printer

$223.99 $333.58
Main Features:
● Factory pre-assembled, modular installation, can be installed and used in only 10 minutes, saving time and worry.
● One-piece body, stable and reliable structure, neat and elegant appearance, small footprint.
● Complete functions
New automatic leveling function, get rid of the trouble of manual leveling; at the same time, you can manually level, experience the fun of DIY;
Supports continuous power off function, continue printing after the call, no fear of accidental power off;
With material break detection function, material shortage alarm and pause printing;
Support automatic feed and retreat function, easy to solve with one key.
● Adopt 2.8 inch color touch screen, simple and convenient operation, good human-computer interaction experience.
● Brand-new industrial-grade chip control motherboard, fast operation, strong function, with over-current protection, overload protection, temperature runaway protection (direct disconnection of heating switch) and other functions.
● The printing platform is equipped with an aluminum substrate hot bed + tempered glass. The hot bed heats up rapidly, only 5 minutes to 100 degrees. The glass platform allows the model to print flat and smooth, easy to stick and take.
● Adopt wiring terminal integration, wiring harness concealment, terminal adapter board design, the details are neat and beautiful.
● Both Z-axis and Y-axis adopt V-shaped profile and roller guide to ensure smooth and smooth operation, low noise during printing, stable operation and high accuracy.
● With offline upgrade function
Copy the upgrade file into the memory card and insert it into the 3D printer to complete the program upgrade.
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